InPerson Story

I am a lawyer by training.  I’ve worked in private practice and in-house.  One thing I have learned since graduating from law school:  effective networking makes a material difference in your career prospects.

In 2011 I took my first in-house counsel job with eBay.  I enjoyed the work, and my role enabled me to travel all around the world.  I spent about 30% of my time on the road. 

While I enjoyed traveling with work, I often had the dilemma of eating alone and then heading back to my hotel room to finish working for the day.  I would have loved some way to connect with other professionals that were traveling at the same time and in the same area.

Like so many others, I have a LinkedIn account, and I often meet people while I’m traveling that I later invite to connect.  However, there was never a great way to search for potential connections nearby and meet in person.  I do appreciate my LinkedIn connections, and I absolutely recognize the positive impact of a good professional connection.  Meeting someone online is good, but in person is always better.

We all use our smartphones for a myriad of useful activities when we travel.  So, why not use it for finding valuable professional connections based on my real-time location?  With this in mind, I got together with a couple friends of mine, Tamio and Ryan, and we started thinking about how we could make this a reality.  As we thought about an easy place to meet potential connections, we agreed an airport terminal is a great place to search for and meet other like-minded professionals.  Airports have millions of professionals that pass through and hang out for hours waiting on connecting flights.  What’s more, every passenger walking through an airport terminal has be screened by the security team. 

So my friends and I put our heads together and started working on what has become InPerson.   We hope InPerson will be a great tool for professionals for find and connect with others in a safe, rich environment.   The goal of InPerson is the help people connect face to face in real time.  Online is ok, InPerson is better.  

~ Spencer Viernes

Co-founder - Chief Executive Officer


Spencer Viernes - Co-founder - Chief Executive Officer

Spencer is a lawyer by training, and has worked with Fortune 500 clients and as senior in-house counsel with a multi-national technology company (eBay).  Spencer has worked with mobile app development teams, product development teams, business operations teams, infrastructure development teams and regulatory compliance teams in his career in business and as a legal counsel.  Spencer has helped realize business objectives related to cross-border trade development, mobile apps placement and infrastructure development.  He has a special skill in bringing teams together and driving towards objectives.  

Tamio Stehrenberger - Co-founder - VP of Product

Co-founder of Native Optiks and Formerly the Chief Executive Officer of REVE Technologies, a publicly traded company in the mobile and hardware application industry. Tamio is also a former professional hockey player for the Utah Grizzlies.

Ryan M. Fuller - Co-founder - Creative Director

Currently Chief Executive Officer of JrPixels, a full service creative and development agency. Ryan is also the Co-founder of Native Optiks. Ryan has 15+ years experience bringing products to market for companies such as Oakley, UFC, Virgin Records, Fox, Sonim, and many more. Ryan is also a professional photographer and videographer and was the first Creative Director and designer of